We welcomed momma Halley and her three week old, out-of-this-world pups (Saturn, Comet, Venus, Mars & Pluto) into Triangle Beagle Rescue in mid-June. The family was rescued from a hoarding situation and they were so happy to finally be safe and secure.

After spending some time in their loving foster home, we realized that Venus and Mars were often regurgitating their food after they ate. A visit to the vet confirmed that both pups had megaesophagus. Megaesophagus, or Mega E, is a condition in which a dog cannot swallow food properly as their esophagus does not have good muscle…

Amy DeMuth, MS, BCBA, AAB

As the fireworks are quickly approaching (and in some places the celebrations have already started), it is important to remember that while we are celebrating, our dogs may not be. Taking the appropriate precautions to ensure safety is of utmost importance… keep dogs inside, harness and tags on, doors closed, gates locked. While we know what to do to keep them physically safe, how do we help them feel safe?

Caval Syndrome caused by heart worms

Bert’s Bertie County Shelter Picture

Handsome Bert found himself at the Bertie County Shelter where he was confused and terrified. After being left behind by another rescue for being scared and HW+, the shelter reached out to us, and we welcomed him with open arms. He was settling into his foster home and learning to trust when some of his bloodwork came back very concerning. After Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital reviewed his results, it was confirmed that he had Caval Syndrome — a severe form of heartworm disease. The vet told us that once symptoms of Caval syndrome start…

By: Carolanne Monteleone

Happy, happy Reese!

The infamous beagle-on-wheels Lulu officially became Reese Witko-Monteleone on December 27. We spent the entire month of December anticipating her arrival and prepping our townhome. We installed baby gates, rearranged our bedroom to fit her crate, put together her new stroller, and set up her bed right next to Quinn’s in the living room. We couldn’t wait to bring home our sweet baby and begin our new adventure. But there was also a worry if we would be good enough parents for Reese. We didn’t want to make any mistakes and we knew we had so much…

Henrietta was stuck in the Caswell County Shelter tagged as “rescue only” so we swooped in, busted her out and saved her life. She was not treated well in her previous life and she had a large hernia that needed immediate attention. We got her the surgery she needed right away and she is feeling so much better!

After her surgery she became a spunky beagle and her adorable personality started to shine. Henrietta’s foster mom says that she is smart and sweet and is keeping her eyes open for a loving furever home just right for her! You can learn more about her here: tribeagles.org/product/henrietta.

Two four-month-old homeless pups hopped a plane from Mt. Airy to RDU Sunday January 17th to start their new rescued lives with Triangle Beagle Rescue. The two gals — Sugar & Calla — were an unexpected and unwanted litter of beagle/Pyrenees mixed pups. Their owner got in touch with a local all-breed rescued who then contacted TBR and now they are now safe in loving foster homes. They will be visiting the Dogtor soon and then will be available for adoption. They are going to be big, adorable dogs when they grow up, not the usual 20–30 lbs. beagles. Thank you to Ben Martin for volunteering his time to fly the beagles to Raleigh and to TBR volunteer Joh Cameron for organizing their freedom flight!

Buddy the elf came to the rescue with six of his siblings the day after Christmas. They were found living outside in the cold fending for themselves. Buddy was crying out in pain and was in obvious distress when he arrived and was immediately taken to the dogtor. They fixed him up and he settled into a warm, cozy foster home which just happened to have a mom and litter of puppies already crashing there — Harmony and her Christmas puppies: Jingle, Holly, Joy, Tannenbaum and Feliz.

By Kevin Pence, BRATT

Triangle Beagle Rescue alumna Duplin escaped from her adopter’s fenced yard and was on the run for 39 days. BRATT (Triangle Beagle Rescue’s Beagle Recovery And Trapping Team) members and volunteers from the neighborhood and the TBR community were hot on her tail and never gave up on their commitment to capturing her. This is the story of the day she was finally trapped as told by Kevin Pence — her prior foster dad and BRATT member.

Beautiful Duplin

In the two days preceding her capture, Duplin had been absent from the area which was concerning given that…

Story by Megan Burnham

Me and my parents (Mark Burnham and Sandi Burnham have spent the last few days talking about our precious memories of Weston and how special he was. He was truly one of a kind.

We lost our first beagle, Buddy in August of 2015. My mom found TBR and two weeks later, we were on our way to Raleigh to go to our first adopt-a-thon where we adopted Willie. Willie had the worst separation anxiety any of us had ever dealt with. We tried everything, but nothing worked. That is, until we got Weston.

My dad…

To celebrate his beauty, we scheduled a photo shoot with Fur-Fetched Photography to showcase Ozzy’s progress. We cannot believe how far this handsome beagle has come. He is still looking for his forever family, might that be you? Apply to adopt here: tribeagles.org/adopt

Triangle Beagle Rescue

We rescue beagles in the Triangle area of North Carolina, what is your Superpower?

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