After 538 Days on the run and 500 miles from home, Chipper is reunited with his family!

Chipper the day he was rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC

Puppy Webster was rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue (Raleigh, NC) in May 2019 after a kind neighbor convinced his owner that a life tied to a tree was not the life for this…

Best friends!

Foster’s Side of the Story
Colleen and Tristan

Fostering Scout (now Max) was both a challenge and a privilege. The privilege part is obvious: how could we possibly resist that sweet face and those big hound-dog ears? And we immediately discovered that his personality is just as sweet.
He has such pure…

Part 1: House Breaking

What’s cuter than a beagle puppy? The answer is nothing! They are adorable balls of energy and love. However, with all of that sweetness comes a lot of responsibility and necessary patience. Puppies are babies who are experiencing the world for the very first time. Everything…

Caval Syndrome caused by heart worms

Bert’s Bertie County Shelter Picture

Handsome Bert found himself at the Bertie County Shelter where he was confused and terrified. After being left behind by another rescue for being scared and HW+, the shelter reached out to us, and we welcomed him with open arms. He was settling into…

By: Carolanne Monteleone

Happy, happy Reese!

The infamous beagle-on-wheels Lulu officially became Reese Witko-Monteleone on December 27. We spent the entire month of December anticipating her arrival and prepping our townhome. We installed baby gates, rearranged our bedroom to fit her crate, put together her new stroller, and set up her bed right…

Henrietta was stuck in the Caswell County Shelter tagged as “rescue only” so we swooped in, busted her out and saved her life. She was not treated well in her previous life and she had a large hernia that needed immediate attention. We got her the surgery she needed right away and she is feeling so much better!

After her surgery she became a spunky beagle and her adorable personality started to shine. Henrietta’s foster mom says that she is smart and sweet and is keeping her eyes open for a loving furever home just right for her! You can learn more about her here:

Triangle Beagle Rescue

We rescue beagles in the Triangle area of North Carolina, what is your Superpower?

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