Wilson is finally loved!

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2 min readMar 15, 2023


By Adopter and Wilson’s new mom-Kate

Wilson gets plenty of snuggles in his new furever home!

We don’t know all the details of Wilson’s life before he came to us, but we know that he was brought to the shelter by a person who claimed that he “didn’t want to waste a bullet on him.”

He had chain marks around his neck and 2 busted ear drums from an ear infection that had been present for months. He had sores all over his body and a painful capsular rupture in one eye that required removal of the eye.

And through it all he was happy and loving and sweet. He is healing every day. These days, he adores tea parties and being dressed up, he supervises soccer practice and homework time, and he will sit directly on my feet until I pet his head to his satisfaction.

Lots of dress up and play time for this senior fella.

The kids call him Little Skitter because he gets so excited about his meals that he skitters and slides across the hardwood floors every time the bowls come out. We all call him a beagle-llama mix because he is just so fluffy!

What I want to tell that man today is that his “waste” became our greatest treasure. The absolute best dog is now living like the king that he was always meant to be. And what he receives in love he gives back in spades.

Take a chance on a senior dog — they are so very worthy of love. I can’t imagine life without our Wilson.

Look at this sweet face!

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