Twitch Streamer Raises $20,000 for Beagle Rescue

Triangle Beagle Rescue volunteers find unique and wonderful ways to support our rescue efforts. One such volunteer has really embraced the generous spirit of Giving Tuesday. Meet Derek Tenbusch-he is a semi-professional poker player and Twitch streamer who has been doing a special charity stream to benefit Triangle Beagle Rescue for the past eight years. He originally started streaming on Twitch for his own entertainment and to help promote his poker business. Through the Twitch platform there are a variety of ways that viewers can show their appreciation for content via things like subscriptions and donations. He quickly realized that if people were going send him money for doing something he enjoyed doing anyway, it would be nice to redirect some of that money to a good cause. And, of course, Triangle Beagle Rescue is the non-profit near and dear to his heart as he has been a long time TBR volunteer and adopter too. Over the past eight Giving Tuesdays he and his followers have raised close to $20,000!

When asked about his very supportive followers, Derek said, “I continue to be absolutely blown away by the generosity of my Twitch community. Over the years, they have given much more than I ever could have anticipated raising. Some of those donations are particularly memorable. One of my viewers pledged $100 in Bitcoin 9 months before the event, and committed to sending whatever it was worth by the time of the charity stream. This year, a generous viewer has already committed $600 through a charitable program that his company provides for its employees. Two years ago I received a $1000 donation from another Twitch streamer who had never even visited my stream, she was simply going to random charity streams and making a donation.”

Thank you Derek, we appreciate all of the time and talent you put into helping our rescue beagles. You can check out Derek’s Twitch stream here:



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