Thank You Volunteers!

Triangle Beagle Rescue has THE most amazing volunteers-we appreciate you!

It has been 36 days since we welcomed our first Envigo beagles into the rescue and we are just now at the point where we can pause to take a breath. Since our initial Facebook post about the beagles in early July, our amazing volunteers have been working long hours, late nights and pulling double & triple duty to help these beagles. Before we even rescued the beagles, we had volunteers answering 100’s of emails about the Envigo beagles, creating safety videos to properly prepare our foster families, gathering and organizing necessary supplies and planning each detail of the rescue. Our application processing team has worked non-stop since July processing the 980 applications we have received — many of which were submitted even before we had the beagles in our care.

A small army of remarkable volunteers transported and processed the 129 Envigo beagles that we saved. These individuals did a wonderful job of welcoming each dog into the rescue, giving them their first gentle pets, snuggles & kisses and showing the dogs that they are finally safe and loved. A team of fosters raised their hands high when we asked for help, welcomed these traumatized dogs into their homes and they taught them how to dog. Several foster leads stepped up and managed this team of fosters and have been expertly guiding them through the adoption process. Our medical coordinator has been miraculously scheduling spay & neuter, dental and other appointments for our foster beagles, who are scattered all over the Triangle, with vets who are already very busy with their regular clients. Our adoption coordinators are fielding countless emails and managing an unprecedented number of approved adopters who are interested in a limited number of beagle.

So much activity has happened behind the scenes too — when we received our first Envigo beagles our website crashed due to the massive increase in traffic and had to be brought back online. Each dog had to be added to the website — pictures had to be taken and bios written for each. Supporters sent monetary donations that had to be accounted for and our beagle community sent a mountain of supplies which had to be organized and distributed.

We are so proud and still in awe of all the individuals who came together to make this rescue a reality. This has been our largest rescue in the history of Triangle Beagle Rescue and our team was stretched thin but not broken. This shared experience has bonded us in a special way, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to help these beagles settle into loving homes.

Thank you volunteers, your hard work and dedication to the beagles is phenomenal and we are so lucky to have you on our beagle saving team!



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