Puppies living under a rusty bus find loving homes!

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4 min readSep 9, 2020


Mom & six puppies rescued in Duplin County, NC August 2020

A Good Samaritan who lives a few yards from the Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, NC reached out to Triangle Beagle Rescue via Facebook messenger asking for help with a homeless mom and her pups in need. And help is what we did!

Momma did an excellent job raising her puppies.

We were told that mom was a beagle, but after catching a glimpse of her long legs in a photograph we knew right away she was a fox hound. But a hound-in-need is a hound-in-need and beagle or otherwise and we wanted to help her and her family get to safety. Mom had tucked her puppies in a secure spot in the woods under a rusty, partially-buried bus. She kept her crew safe and well fed for about six week and when they started toddling around they were spotted by neighbors who asked the rescue for help.

Volunteers quickly located the stray puppies hiding spot under an old bus.

Volunteers headed out to the site and quickly located the mom and pups. The first few puppies were easy to catch and, once a couple were in a crate, momma walked right up to the volunteers to make sure her babies were being treated properly — and she was easily captured too. The other puppies had been taught well by their mom to run and hide when they sensed danger and were more difficult to locate. Volunteers had to climb through thick brush, crawl under the rusty bus and search a dilapidated turkey coop to find the puppies. After many bug bites, scratches and scapes all six puppies and mom were safe!

The puppies were given wine themed names— Cabernet, Pinot, Sangria, Sangria, Rosé & Merlot — and momma was named Duplin after the Winery she chose to have her puppies near. Everyone was loaded into crates and into a truck and they enjoyed a restful ride (one of the many “firsts” the pups would experience) to Raleigh, NC and were placed in loving foster homes in pairs.

From strays to pampered pooches!

The puppies did not know a world out-side of the dirty bus they had lived under, so everything was new to them. They had never been touched by humans or enjoyed a snooze on a comfy dog bed. It took hem some time to warm up & learn to trust, but after a couple of days they were acting like happy-go-lucky pups. They blossomed in their foster homes and learned about toys, consistent meals, chewies, and how to be mischievous and then use their puppy dog eyes to melt their foster parents hearts. They were even treated like celebrities and had a professional photo shoot by Fur-Fetched Photography, which they rocked!

The pup-arazzi captured these perfect shots

Even though the pups they are not beagles, approved adopters lined up to make them part of their families. All of the six puppies were adopted and we are thrilled that had the honor of being part of their rescue story. We are crossing our paws that momma Duplin will be adopted soon as well! If you would like to adopt a dog from Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC you can apply here: tribeagles.org/adopt

The puppies each found loving homes!



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