Indy, Hoosier & Colt’s lifesaving journey from Indiana to North Carolina

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3 min readJan 16, 2022


Two heartworm positive and one combatting mange, these beagle now have a new lease on life

Colt, Hoosier and Indy’s shelter pictures

Triangle Beagle Rescue received a desperate plea for help regarding “two old sick beagles being boarded at a local vet office” in Hobart, Indiana. We were told that they are heart worm positive, and it was obvious that they have endured a life of neglect. The email indicated they are “hot messes” with dental issues, kidney issues and they were even coughing up blood. The shelter could not find a local rescue to take the dogs, and their future looked bleak, so we said we would absolutely take them. We named them Indy (with the adorable underbite) and Hoosier to honor the state they came from.

As the shelter was piecing together transport, another beagle needing rescue arrived and they asked if they could add a bonus beagle to mix. We love bonus beagles so we enthusiastically agreed. This young pup, now named Colt, has non contagious mange and looks rough, but has a heart of gold.

Indy & Hoosier started their long journey to NC early in the morning on January 15, 2022

Early in the morning of January 15th the transport train started rolling towards North Carolina and TBR’s fosters and transport volunteers eagerly awaited the Indiana dogs to arrive. A winter storm was bearing down on North Carolina, so there was no room for a delay.

Cruising down the highway in comfort
Are we there yet?

The three pups arrived to North Carolina the evening before Winter Storm Izzy hit and were shuttled to their loving foster homes. They will visit the dogtor ASAP to address any medical needs. The beagles will be pampered in their foster homes until they find furever homes. If you would like to adopt one of these beagles, you can apply to adopt here:


Thank you to all of the volunteers, advocates, fosters and transporters who made this rescue possible. We could not do the life saving work that we do without the supportive group of individuals who give their hearts and souls to save these beagles in need.



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