Ellie’s Amazing Adoption Adventure

Triangle Beagle Rescue
3 min readMar 15, 2023

By: Amber Heintz

The happy family!

I found and follow TBR on Tik Tok because of my love for beagles (we had a beagle for 13 years). We waited for our next Beagle to find us, wanting an instant connection. In a Tik Tok Live one evening, little Ellie was playing with her brothers and she just grabbed my heart. I showed the family and said “we need to go and get this little girl.” I reached out to TBR to see if we would be eligible to adopt, being that we live in Chicago. The team at TBR responded quickly and thoroughly. The process was very smooth. After we completed our application, family interview and virtual home visit, we were approved. The process impressed us, as it showed how important it was to not only find homes for rescues but find the RIGHT homes.

Once approved, we connected with Ellie’s foster mom Beckie. She really loved our little gal. She sent pictures and gave us specific details of Ellie’s demeanor. As we connected more, she advised that Ellie had been returned. She wanted us to have the whole story to ensure we knew what we were committing to. We understood and appreciated the candor. We still knew Ellie was our girl. We just felt it. Beckie helped us make plans to meet and pick up our little girl. My husband Jeremy (dad) and Grandma Sue flew from Chicago while I (Amber-mom) and Charlotte (9) prepared the house for her homecoming. Beckie made sure we had all paperwork and prescriptions needed to fly. She invited us into her home to meet Ellie before we left for the airport. Lastly, she provided us with all of the equipment, food, and toys we would need for the first weeks. We just kept saying “Beckie is amazing!” She truly is.

Airport bonding time!

The flight home was delayed 3 hours, and Ellie became an instant celebrity at the airport! Many of our fellow travelers helped to hold and entertain her, and she loved it. Ellie was the best traveler, needing only a blanket, toy and a snuggle from dad. Beckie kept in touch the whole time. Once we got her home, we were all relieved to see her settle in. The whole family was excited to be together!

We love Ellie’s personality — curious, persistent, and cute as a button! She interacts with our 2 guinea pigs through the cage, barking and trying to lick them, and they her! She hides her bones in her bed for later.

If you are thinking of rescuing a beagle, my advice would be:

  1. Some beagles like to howl, but it’s not any louder than a large dog bark.
  2. Some beagles need a good amount of physical activity — do you have time?
  3. Beagles follow their noses. They love to sniff so their walks should not be rushed.
  4. Beagles love food. Training is key, as well as adjusting your own habits a bit.
  5. Beagles want to be part of the pack. Your family is their pack. Don’t exclude them from activities. They love it!

Thank you Heintz family for giving Ellie such a loving furever home. If you would like to adopt a dog from Triangle Beagle Rescue, you can visit our available dogs here: tribeagles.org/fosters



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