Chipper’s Chip Led Him Home

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3 min readNov 13, 2021


After 538 Days on the run and 500 miles from home, Chipper is reunited with his family!

Chipper the day he was rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC

Puppy Webster was rescued by Triangle Beagle Rescue (Raleigh, NC) in May 2019 after a kind neighbor convinced his owner that a life tied to a tree was not the life for this special boy. His foster family showed him the good life and he ran free and played in a giant backyard with a pack of canine buddies — he was friendly and fearless. It did not take long for him to snag adoption interest from a TBR supporter named Jason, and it was a perfect match. Webster was adopted June 8, 2019 and named Chipper after Chipper Jones. He lived a wonderful life with his new dad Jason, and his days were filled with adventures, lunchtime jogs and nighttime lighting bug chases. Sadly, Jason passed away in March of 2020 and Chipper returned from Wilmington, NC to Raleigh, NC to his foster family.

Chipper with his first paw-rent Jason

Again, this handsome hound caught the eye of an adopter and his new mom Amani welcomed him into her life. On May 19, 2020, as his new family were in the process of relocating to Georgia from North Carolina, staying in a temporary home, the unthinkable happened — Chipper escaped! Despite immediate recovery efforts by Triangle Beagle Rescue (TBR), the Beagle Recovery and Trapping Team (BRATT), Michelle Wilson/EPIC Animal Recovery and Chipper’s owner, there were no sightings, or any leads as to Chipper’s whereabouts, but those who loved him never gave up hope!

Chipper with paw-rent #2 Amani

Fast forward 538 agonizing days to November 8, 2021. Amani received a notification that Chipper was dropped off at the Pinellas County Animal Shelter in Clearwater, FL!! He was 500 miles away from home but, thanks to his microchip, the shelter was able to find his owner quickly. Chipper’s 1st adopter Jason’s mom lives in Florida, and made the seven-hour round trip the next morning to reunite with Chipper. She walked in, filled out paperwork and was greeted with kisses, kisses and more kisses. Her heart was bursting and tears were flowing. To put her emotion in perspective, her son’s favorite team, the Braves, won the World Series, and now she was picking up his beloved dog Chipper (Jones). Amani then picked up Chipper and he got to meet his new brother Buster! Jason’s mom is pretty sure that Jason helped to guide Chipper home.

Busted out of the shelter by Jason’s mom

This story has a happy ending, thanks to Chipper’s microchip and correct contact information. Please chip your pets and update existing chip contact details if you have moved or changed your phone number.

Chipper and his beagle brother Buster



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