Buddy the Elf & his new beagle mom Harmony

Buddy the elf came to the rescue with six of his siblings the day after Christmas. They were found living outside in the cold fending for themselves. Buddy was crying out in pain and was in obvious distress when he arrived and was immediately taken to the dogtor. They fixed him up and he settled into a warm, cozy foster home which just happened to have a mom and litter of puppies already crashing there — Harmony and her Christmas puppies: Jingle, Holly, Joy, Tannenbaum and Feliz.

Buddy really took to his adoptive mom Harmony and she cared for him like he was her own. He is a little older than her puppies so he gets more free time to explore but he always chooses to be close to his new mom. Buddy is still healing up and we want to keep a close eye on him, so he is not quite ready for adoption just yet. Pup-dates coming soon!

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