Blind, neglected beagle starts her new rescued life

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3 min readApr 28, 2022


Skin & bones and full of scars, Cora is learning how to be a pampered dog

Cora’s shelter picture

Emaciated Cora was found wandering beside the road searching for food. She was taken to the Rockingham County shelter in North Carolina and received her first pets and cuddles from the kind shelter staff.

A wonderful shelter volunteer who transported Cora to her foster home in Raleigh, NC wrote this about the time she spent with her:

“This girl is covered in scars/sores, has gunky eyes and seems to be blind, and beyond thin skin and bones at just less that 16lbs. And she is a survivor.. all of this stacked up against her and she refuses to stop following her nose, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze, saying hello to new friends and loving any kindness sent her way! Cora just trots along wagging her tail and not missing a moment! Beagles are absolutely amazing.. they really hold a true joy for living and exploring.

Cora was in such rough shape that when we got her out of the kennel at Rockingham County Shelter to get pictures and send information to TBR, it took a lot of focus to not burst into tears. She was found on the side of a road like this… who knows how long she was out there blind trying to find food, safety and her pack.

Cora was skin and bones when she arrived to the shelter.

Well not today says Cora, she is not going to give up! She instantly fell in love with her foster mom and trotted right in her foster home like she owned the place! Two soothing baths and a yummy meal marked the start to her new life as a Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina girl! I am so appreciative of TBR, they have helped countless beagles including the medical seniors like Cora.️ Bless Cora and everyone who helps and loves her!

Cora and her Triangle Beagle Rescue Foster Mom Hannah

Cora’s first 24 hours consisted of meals every two hours, medicated baths, lots of naps, fluffy dog beds, sweet sunshine, meeting new friends, and lots of cuddles.

We will keep you pup-dated on Cora’s progress!



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