Bella Luna’s Life Saving Trip to NYC

Please make a donation to her surgery!

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Triangle Beagle Rescue
13200 STRICKLAND RD STE 114–287
Raleigh NC 27613

Beautiful beagle pup Bella Luna came to TBR as an owner surrender at the beginning of the year. She is an absolute joy, and immediately wins over everyone she meets. Her communication skills are second to none.When hungry, she sits at the food cabinet and barks until you serve her. She likes to hold the leash when you walk, so she can direct you where she wants to go. She prefers for you to hold her chew bone for her, so it’s easier for her to chew. Everywhere she goes, she goes full-speed ahead, including the doggy door, like a canine road-runner! And when it’s time for bed, she must sleep in a self-made cocoon, nosing under the blankets, then twisting to completely bury herself.

Unfortunately, Bella Luna’s excessive cuteness is masking the fact that she has a liver shunt and needs a complicated, costly surgery to repair it and save her life. There are only 3 places where that surgery can be done.The most experienced and confident surgeon (and sadly the furthest away) is at Animal Medical Center in NY. So little Bella and her TBR escort will be jetting to the Big Apple at the end of March to have the surgery.

They believe her prognosis is very good. As you can imagine, all of this comes with a cost. The surgery alone is estimated to be around $10,000, more if further testing is needed first. Although this is a great deal of money, we believe that this feisty little girl deserves a chance to live a good, long life as a cherished member of a family — and we want to make that happen for her. But we can’t do it without your help. Please donate now to help us get Bella the help she needs. Her life literally depends on it.



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